Apostle Grace & Team Clinches World Record with Claps

Apostle Grace Lubega with the certificate of Guinness World Record for longest applause. PHOTO/COURTESY

Apostle Grace Lubega and His Team Secure Guinness World Record with a 3-hour, 16-minute, and 1-second Applause

On July 30th, 2023, within the UMA Multipurpose Hall in Lugogo, Apostle Grace Lubega and his dedicated team etched their names into the annals of history, achieving an extraordinary feat – a record-breaking applause lasting 3 hours, 16 minutes, and 1 second.

This remarkable accomplishment has been formally recognized and verified by none other than the esteemed Guinness World Records.

The journey into this record-breaking attempt prompted a flurry of speculation. Social media and various platforms buzzed with divergent opinions. Some alleged that the endeavor was a self-promotional venture, while others, less swayed by bias, pondered the very essence of the event, encapsulated in its name – ‘Clap for Jesus.’

Apostle Grace Lubega, the visionary leader of Phaneroo Ministries International, a dynamic ministry dedicated to impacting the world with the Word of God, eloquently elucidated the underlying spirit of this ambitious endeavor. He articulated, ‘If there’s any way we can bring glory to God, we’ll do it. Should anyone ever inquire about the purpose behind history’s longest applause, let them discover that it was all for Jesus.’

On that historic Sunday afternoon, the team, comprising no less than a thousand members, scripted history with each resounding clap. Beyond the confines of the UMA showgrounds, thousands more added their voices, participating in jubilant dance, harmonious song, fervent prayer, and devoted worship from designated overflow areas. Across the globe, several thousands more, congregating in the Manifest centers, united online through the Phaneroo YouTube channel and Manifest Television, all with the shared objective of exalting the Divine.


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