Buganda clan head shot dead in Lugunjja, mob lynches attackers

Omutaka Lwomwa Daniel Bbosa, the leader of the Sheep (Ndiga) clan. PHOTO/COMBO


  • Buganda’s Sheep Clan leader, Lwomwa Daniel Bbosa, was shot dead near his home in Lungujja, Kampala, while in his car. The assailants remain unidentified.

Unknown assailants have fatally shot Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa, the leader of the Ndiga Clan. The incident occurred on Sunday near his residence in Lungujja parish, Lubaga Division, Kampala. Bbosa was driving his vehicle, bearing registration number UAH 637X, when the attack took place, as depicted in images shared by the Buganda Kingdom X handle and circulating on various social media platforms.

Senior Superintendent of Police Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, confirmed the shooting, stating that Bbosa was indeed shot and killed. The community pursued the assailants, apprehended them, and subsequently took matters into their own hands, resulting in the death of both attackers. Police recovered the firearm and motorcycle used in the assault, though they arrived at the scene too late to prevent the assailants’ lynching.

The motive behind Bbosa’s shooting remains unclear. This tragedy follows closely on the heels of the 2023 crime report by the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), which highlighted that 300 individuals were killed using firearms, with at least 22 murders attributed to a single gun. The Kampala metropolitan South region, encompassing Lungujja, reported the highest number of shooting-related homicides within the city and its environs.

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