Bushenyi Police Probe Apparent Suicide of 46-Year-Old Woman


Authorities in Bushenyi District are probing the suspected suicide of Kyomuhangi Dinah, a 46-year-old woman found hanging from a guava tree in Rwekitooma village on Sunday afternoon. Noah Mukundane, the area chairperson, revealed that Dinah had made a distressing phone call to her son, Richard Kamusime, earlier in the day, urging him to see her immediately.

Residents mentioned that Dinah had been grappling with mental health issues since childhood, possibly leading to this tragic incident. Marcial Tumusiime, spokesperson for Greater Bushenyi police, confirmed the event, noting the absence of external injuries on Dinah’s body except for the rope mark around her neck.

The authorities retrieved Dinah’s body from the tree and transported it to Kampala International Teaching Hospital in Ishaka for a postmortem examination. Ongoing investigations aim to determine the precise cause of Dinah’s death and whether external factors played a role in her apparent suicide.

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