Dan Muliika Challenges Mathias Mpuuga Over Alleged Sh500 Million ‘Service Awards

Mathias Mpuuga addressing journalists. PHOTO/COURTESY


  • Former Buganda Premier Dan Muliika challenges former Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga to justify the legality of the alleged Sh500 million ‘service awards’. Mpuuga refuses to resign despite pressure from NUP, citing his lawful entitlement. Muliika warns against involving Buganda Kingdom in the dispute.

Former Buganda Premier Dan Muliika has urged the former Leader of the Opposition (LoP) Mathias Mpuuga to vindicate himself by citing any legal basis for the alleged allocation of Sh500 million ‘service awards’ to him.

This call comes amidst a disagreement between Mpuuga, the Nyendo-Mukungwe Member of Parliament, and Robert Kyagulanyi, President of the National Unity Platform (NUP), to which Mpuuga belongs.

NUP advised Mpuuga to step down as a parliamentary commissioner, citing moral and corruption concerns regarding his involvement in the allocation of the contested funds to himself and three other commissioners.

However, Mpuuga has insisted he will not resign, asserting that he deserves recognition for his two-year tenure as LoP and claiming the money was obtained lawfully.

Addressing journalists at his Bukoto residence today, Muliika emphasized that Mpuuga should substantiate his position by referencing relevant legal clauses governing such monetary allocations.

Meanwhile, Muliika cautioned against dragging the Buganda Kingdom into the ongoing dispute between Mpuuga and the NUP.

Mpuuga has dismissed the allegations as unfounded and has refused to heed calls for his resignation.

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