Ex-Legislator Blames Judicial Officials for Laziness, Punctuality and Frequent Absences

MP Centenary in Capital FM. PHOTO/COURTESY

Former Member of Parliament for Kasese Municipality, Hon. Robert Centenary, has raised serious concerns regarding the alleged absenteeism and laziness exhibited by certain judicial officials, which he believes is partially responsible for the backlog of cases in the country.

Addressing the press at his residence in Kasese Municipality, Hon. Centenary emphasized the issue of unnecessary adjournments and what he deemed as exorbitant charges for bail, resulting in the unjust detention of innocent individuals. He viewed these practices as manifestations of laziness on the part of judicial officers, who often spend a mere thirty minutes in court solely to adjourn cases, despite the fact that some of the accused individuals have the right to be released or granted bail.

While the spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs was unavailable for comment, Hon. Centenary called for the implementation of legislation that would involve community consultation in the appraisal of judicial officers. He strongly believed that seeking input from the community would contribute to a more effective and accountable judicial system.

Furthermore, Hon. Centenary urged members of the local community and complainants to actively participate in the court process by appearing as witnesses and providing accurate information voluntarily. He emphasized the importance of their involvement in supporting the court system and ensuring that justice is served.

In light of these concerns, Hon. Centenary’s statements shed light on the urgent need for judicial reforms to address issues of absenteeism, laziness, and unnecessary adjournments. By involving the community and encouraging their participation, he hopes to foster a more transparent and efficient judicial system that can effectively tackle the backlog of cases in the country.

Courtesy of Kasese Guide Radio

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