Family’s Financial Woes Deepen as Second Widow of Renowned Soldier succumbs to Illness

Photo showing Gideon John Okello ( putting on black seated in the middle) while in Zanzibar.


  • Erin Akao, the second widow of Field Marshal John Gidion Okello, passed away due to high blood pressure and ulcers. Financial constraints hindered proper medical treatment. The family, facing financial challenges, seeks assistance promised by President Museveni.

Erin Akao, the second widow of the late Field Marshal John Gidion Okello, has recently passed away. Born on April 3, 1944, she breathed her last on January 30, 2024, at her ancestral home in Okut village, Alebtong parish, Aloi sub-county, Alebtong district, at the age of 80.


Her son, Anyeko Bernard Masanga, revealed that Erin succumbed to the effects of high blood pressure and ulcers after a prolonged illness lasting about five years. Despite efforts by the family to seek medical attention in various clinics within their reach, financial constraints hindered adequate treatment, resulting in her unfortunate demise.

Field Marshal John Gidion Okello, renowned as a highly esteemed soldier in Zanzibar, left behind a legacy of nine biological children. Tragically, four of them have passed away, leaving five still alive. Anyeko Masanga disclosed that one of the widows of their late father had previously passed away.

Anyeko reported a pressing need for over 11.9 million shillings to cover burial expenses and provide for mourners. However, the family currently possesses less than one million UGX. Anyeko lamented the lack of government assistance and shared that the burial is scheduled for Monday, despite financial challenges.

Expressing frustration, Anyeko alleged interference in accessing financial support promised by His Excellency, President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta. A letter from the president dated June 14, 2023, pledged assistance to the family, but some non-biological individuals claiming ties to Okello are reportedly obstructing the process.

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Anyeko emphasized the biological connection of five surviving children: Bernard Masanga Anyeko and Onyok Moses as the only biological sons, and Akello Grace, Achola Anna, and Harriet Atim as the known biological daughters. Anyeko threatened to reveal certain undisclosed information to the Head of State if obstacles persist.

The burial ceremony is set for Monday at 10:00 AM at her ancestral home in Aloi, Alebtong district.

Additional reporting by: The Ankole Times

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