Former MUK student Amanya thought omission from the graduation list was his end


  • Amanya Dickness faced adversity when omitted from Makerere University’s graduation list, jeopardizing his near-completed degree in Development Studies. Despite bureaucratic hurdles and resistance from lecturers, Dickness felt disheartened, fearing the worst. Encouraged by his parents’ support, he regained determination, acknowledging setbacks as part of the journey.

Dickness sat down with Examiner‘s Busiinge Aggrey to reflect on the challenges he faced and the motivations that kept him going throughout his academic odyssey.

Amanya Dickness, now a former student of Makerere University born from Karokarungi, Mwitanzige Parish, Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, shares his journey of overcoming numerous obstacles to finally attain his degree in Development Studies.

Dickness recounted the myriad trials he encountered from his early education days. “The journey has not been an easy one,” he admits. From familial struggles with his father’s alcoholism to facing bewitchment and societal pressures, Dickness faced numerous hurdles along the path to education.

The challenges intensified in secondary school, marked by associations with peers of questionable character. Coming from a rural background, Dickness found himself navigating unfamiliar territories, grappling with temptation and the clash between his values and his surroundings.

Dickness, while sharing his experiences, highlighted a crucial moment when he chose to switch schools, a pivotal decision shaping his academic journey, ultimately leading him to a school in Mukono (Name withheld). Yet, challenges endured, with witchcraft and financial struggles posing threats to his aspirations.

“One day, I contemplated taking my own life due to the overwhelming pressure and setbacks. However, the steadfast support of my mother and an intervention from a higher power pulled me back from the brink,” he adds

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In senior six, Dickness faced a new set of challenges, including a family tragedy and financial constraints. Undeterred, he applied to Makerere University with determination and faith. His journey at the university was marked by academic struggles and personal setbacks, including the theft of his bicycle and a near-death experience in a car crash.

Despite adversity, encompassing financial strain and academic setbacks, Dickness persevered in his pursuit of knowledge. “Suffering is not the end of everything,” he emphasizes, “but it’s about staying determined and not losing hope.”

He attributes much of his success to the support of his family, friends, and community. Their encouragement and assistance, both emotional and financial, buoyed him during the darkest moments of his journey.

From (L-R) Amanya Dickness and Reverend Nathan Kyamanywa, the former Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese after church service

Amanya Dickness experienced a big blow when he found himself omitted from the graduation list at Makerere University. Despite nearing the completion of his degree, bureaucratic obstacles and resistance from certain lecturers threatened to derail his dreams.

“I thought that was the end of me,” Dickness recalls, reflecting on the disappointment and uncertainty that gripped him. His parents, aware of his academic struggles, urged him to persevere, reminding him that setbacks were not the end of the road.

“I’m not the first one to get a retake,” Dickness remembers his mother telling him, “and I’m not the first one to fail to graduate in time.” This support from his family bolstered Dickness’s resolve, reigniting his determination to overcome the challenges before him.

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Despite the initial despair, Dickness refused to succumb to defeat. With faith in himself and trust in God, he embarked on a journey of resilience and perseverance, refusing to let setbacks define his future.

When asked about his aspirations following graduation, Dickness speaks passionately about his desire to make a difference in his community. Through his studies in Development Studies, he aims to spread the message of transformation and unity, believing that true development stems from a transformed heart and mind.

In the end, Dickness emerged victorious, his name gracing the graduation list of 2024.

Dickness’ message to students facing similar challenges is one of persistence, patience, and unwavering faith. “Trust in themselves and trust in God,” he advises, “have faith in themselves and have faith in God.”

The opening ceremony of Mission House in Kakumiro, Bunyoro, was graced by the presence of Reverend Nathan Kyamanywa, the former Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, who also laid the foundation stone. The event garnered participation from fellow missionary students from Makerere University.

From (L-R) Reverend Nathan Kyamanywa, the former Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese and Amanya Dickness
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