Four Acre Model will be game changer for Northern Uganda – BEN SSEBUGUZI

During the campaign for the Oyam North parliamentary by-elections, President Yoweri Museveni, while endorsing NRM candidate Engola Samuel Junior, emphasized the importance of wealth creation as the foundation of empowerment for the people. He made a clear distinction between wealth and development, using the local dialect to convey his message effectively. According to him, “Lonyo” refers to personal initiatives to create wealth within our households, while “Dongo Lobo” signifies the government’s responsibility to provide infrastructure such as roads and schools for overall development.

The President’s point was that development becomes meaningless if individuals and households lack the financial means to meet their basic needs. He proposed a model based on four-acre farming, particularly suitable for the fertile lands of northern Uganda, which can support smart farming techniques. This model entails allocating one acre for coffee cultivation, another acre for growing fruits such as citrus, mangoes, and pineapples, a third acre for pasture to feed livestock, and the fourth acre for growing food crops. President Museveni believes that this model has the potential to succeed in increasing household incomes.

The viability of the four-acre model lies in the interdependence of different agricultural enterprises, which promotes high productivity and returns on investment. By utilizing animal manures as valuable sources of nutrients for crops, the model also reduces production costs. In this way, the four-acre model becomes a self-sustaining strategy to enhance household incomes.

To combat poverty in Uganda, it is crucial to increase agricultural output by improving farm productivity. Recent success stories demonstrate the potential for profitable farming. For instance, Kizito Edward, a 29-year-old smallholder farmer in Buikwe, central Uganda, has experienced abundant crops in recent months. By applying fertilizers to his maize, coffee, and banana crops, he not only increased productivity but also generated enough income to purchase a truck, bringing happiness to his family.

In conclusion, the government has taken steps to provide infrastructure and start-up capital through initiatives like the Parish Development Model. It is now the responsibility of citizens to embrace and implement the government’s messages on wealth creation. The Parish Development Model, in particular, can provide essential financial support to farmers for purchasing inputs. Therefore, I appeal to the youth in the country to prioritize supporting their women in agricultural endeavors before engaging in activities like playing ludo and Canisi (cards) at trading centers. This approach will not only ensure food security but also contribute to increased household incomes

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