Gov’t Sets New Deadline for Digital Number Plate Issuance

The Ministry of Transport and Works has announced a new deadline for the commencement of the issuance of digital number plates after the initial deadline of July 1, 2023 was not met. The government has now set October 31 as the new deadline.

State Minister for Transport, Fred Byamukama, explained that the amendment was necessary to allow the government enough time to prepare and sensitize the public about the importance and relevance of this service in enhancing road safety and security.

In addition to extending the deadline, the government has also decided to extend the contracts of the current service providers, M/S Arnold Brookyln Company Limited and M/S Tumpeco Limited, for an additional four months until October 31, 2023. This decision was made following an order from the Inspectorate of Government (IG) and the failure of the contractor to deliver the consignment within the agreed deadline, which was due on Saturday.

The junior transport minister acknowledged that while the ministry was ready to roll out the process on Saturday, it was not possible due to the contractor’s failure to supply the number plates on time. He emphasized that the ministry cannot penalize the contractor for the delay and will continue to source number plates from the companies that have been supplying them, as the termination of their licenses was halted by the IGG.

The new digital number plates, which will be embedded with surveillance chips, will be supplied by the Russian company, M/S Joint Stock Company Global Security (JSCGS).

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