Hamas Says It’s Released Kidnapped American Mom and Daughter

Reuters/Ammar Awad

A spokesperson for the military wing of Hamas announced Friday that they released an American mom and her daughter that were being held hostage in Gaza.

The names of the hostages weren’t released, but Hamas said it cut the duo loose for “humanitarian reasons” in response to “Qatari efforts.” The spokesperson did not specify what role Qatar played in the hostage release.

In a statement, Al-Qassam said the release was also to “prove to the American people and the world that the allegations of [President Joe] Biden and his fascist administration are false allegations that have no basis in truth.”

The Israeli newspaper Haaertz reported that Israel has confirmed the hostage release, and the two women have been handed over to the Red Cross. Citing the Israel Defense Forces, The Messenger reported that the pair will be taken to Egypt and then back to the U.S.

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