Hoima: Locals To Engage in the Oil and Gas Industry

Jerommy Nduru head procurement and logistics at UNOC_UG. PHOTO/BUSIINGE AGGREY

The suppliers development workshop took place today at Hoima Resort Hotel The workshop aimed to address key areas in the oil and gas sector, as highlighted by industry professionals.

Peter Bintu, an Enterprise Development Officer at PAU-Uganda, stressed the importance of employment opportunities in the sector. He emphasized the need for both skilled and unskilled jobs, along with the significance of capacity building, entrepreneurial development, knowledge transfer, and technology advancements through joint ventures. Bintu also encouraged the use of locally produced goods and urged local suppliers to register on PAU-Uganda’s National Supplier Database.


James Mugenyi Mulindambura, the Secretary for Natural Resources at Hoima District Local Government, called for decentralization within the oil and gas sector. He proposed the appointment of an oil officer who would represent the district’s interests and address local oil and gas-related issues.

Jerommy Nduru, the Head of Procurement and Logistics at UNOC-UG, announced that Living Earth Uganda had been contracted to assess local suppliers and contractors. The assessment aims to identify challenges and gaps in supplying the oil and gas sector.

The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to gain insights, share experiences, and explore ways to enhance local participation in the oil and gas industry. By addressing these important issues, the workshop aims to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the sector in Uganda.

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