How Journalists Can Benefit from Oil Projects in Uganda’s Albertine Region

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  • Journalists in Uganda’s Albertine region are urged to actively benefit from oil projects beyond their media affiliations. Mr. David Martin Aliker emphasizes their role in informing the public accurately and suggests seizing opportunities like translation services.

Journalists stationed in Uganda’s Albertine region are being urged to take proactive steps to reap personal benefits from oil and gas ventures beyond their affiliations with media organizations.

At a media gathering in Hoima city, Mr. David Martin Aliker, the Public Relations (PR) Coordinator at TotalEnergies EP Uganda, emphasized that journalists must embody the change they wish to see and play a pivotal role in mobilizing the public to capitalize on opportunities within the oil industry.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Aliker stressed the importance of journalistic integrity in disseminating accurate information, highlighting the significant influence journalists wield in shaping public perception.

He encouraged journalists to seize opportunities such as translating documents into local languages, underscoring the potential for additional income, either individually or through their respective media outlets.

Furthermore, Mr. Aliker emphasized the necessity for journalists to register on the National Oil and Gas Talent Register (NOGTR) to facilitate accessibility for those seeking their expertise, particularly in translation services.

In addition to pursuing individual opportunities, Mr. Aliker advised journalists and media proprietors to enhance their online presence to attract potential business ventures.

However, he cautioned that compliance with tax regulations is essential for engaging with players in the oil and gas sector, as non-compliance could hinder access to growth opportunities.

The engagement primarily targeted presenters with regular access to mass media platforms, aiming to empower them with the tools necessary to leverage their roles effectively.

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