Kakumiro Muslims Celebrate Eid with Bountiful Meat

A team of Muslim representatives picking up meat intended to be distributed to Muslims. PHOTO/BUSIINGE AGGREY

County Sheikh Mwitanzige has taken it upon himself to distribute meat to all mosques in the county, ensuring that both Muslims and non-Muslims can partake in the joyous festivities of Eid

Muslims residing in Mwitanzige Muslim District kicked off their Eid celebrations with a generous offering of meat. Led by the esteemed county sheikh, the devout locals gathered to commemorate this auspicious occasion with an abundance of food, unity, and gratitude.

Eid, also known as Eid al-Adha or the “Festival of Sacrifice,” holds great significance in Islam. It commemorates the story of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to God.

The celebration is marked by various rituals and traditions, with sharing food being an essential component. Under the leadership of the county sheikh, the Muslim community in Mwitanzige came together to ensure a memorable and fulfilling Eid experience. Numerous families donated livestock, such as sheep, cows, and goats, to the central gathering place.

“The donations of sacrificial animals symbolize Prophet Ibrahim’s act of devotion and are in turn used to feed the less fortunate members of the community”  Chairman Jamir Mukasa told  this publication

The atmosphere was electric as the festivities began. The air wafted with the mouthwatering aroma of roasted meat, and the streets were adorned with vibrant decorations.

Families dressed in their finest attire, and children wore beaming smiles, excited for the day’s events. The local mosques played a pivotal role in organizing the distribution of the meat. With meticulous planning and the support of volunteers, the freshly prepared meat was divided into portions suitable for families of varying sizes.

The community members banded together to ensure that every household could enjoy a meal, regardless of their financial circumstances. As the distribution commenced, gratitude and warmth filled the air. The camaraderie within the Mwitanzige Muslim District was palpable, as individuals shared stories, laughter, and fond memories.



Elders, who have witnessed countless Eids throughout their lives, were pleased to see the younger generation embracing the traditions. Notably, the distribution process extended to neighboring communities, fostering unity and goodwill beyond the boundaries of Mwitanzige itself.

The act of sharing was representative of the fundamental values embedded within Islam – spreading kindness, compassion, and harmony. The county sheikh, whose guidance and vision played a pivotal role in making this event a success, expressed his elation at the community’s commitment and generosity. He noted,


“Eid is a time for reflection, gratitude, and celebrating our faith. The act of sharing food with others, especially those in need, strengthens our bond as a community and exemplifies the true spirit of Islam.” County Sheikh, Dauda Twine Rajab said1

In a world often characterized by division and differences, the celebration of Eid in Mwitanzige Muslim District serves as a reminder of the power of unity and the beauty of compassion. As the day drew to a close, stomachs were full, hearts were content, and the community forged even closer bonds through their shared experiences. Indeed, the Mwitanzige Muslim District demonstrated the embodiment of the adage,

“When we share, we multiply the blessings.” Isma Tukamuhabwa, county Secretary  told this publication.

In an interview, Mbabazi Idd Mubaraka, Chairman Katikara Town Mosque   extended a warm invitation to people of all faiths to gather and celebrate Eid together, embracing the spirit of unity and community. “t’s a special occasion where everyone can come together and share in the joyous feast, savoring the delicious meat and cherishing the meaningful festivities. So, whether you’re Muslim or not, you’re more than welcome to join in the celebration and make lasting memories as we commemorate this important occasion”

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