Leaders refuse to meet with the new town clerk due to concerns about his managerial difficulties

Mr. Godwin Bihanikire, the previous town clerk for Maliba town council in Kasese district, may face a prolonged delay as the leadership of Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town council, his new assignment, has declined to receive him.

While some political propagandists link Mr. Bihanikire’s situation to challenges he faced during his previous administration, Mr. Selevest Mapoze stated that Mr. Bihanikire’s posting to their town council was untimely. They were still awaiting a response from the Minister of Local Government regarding the transfer of two civil servants, Ms. Alice Ferigo Bwambale, the town clerk, and Ms. Enid Kapuru, the treasurer, who were reportedly transferred for reasons that were deemed unnecessary.

Hon. Hamu Natuhwera, the Vice Chairperson of Kasese District, confirmed earlier today that the local leadership of Kinyamaseke town, where Mr. Bihanikire was supposed to be transferred next, also expressed opposition to his arrival in their area. Hon. Hamu Natuhwera, who also serves as the male councilor representing Nyakatonzi subcounty in Kasese district, requested the delegation led by Mr. Ernest Kyamakya, the town council chairman, to be patient until the Chief Administrative Officer returns from Kampala.


Mr. Bihanikire emphasized that only the appointing authority had the final decision regarding his next destination. He criticized certain politicians who were making decisions based on unsubstantiated rumors that lacked credibility. He called for calm and stressed that the situation was not an emergency in any way.

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