Mbarara Businessman Arrested for Sodomy and Trafficking

Tumushabe Nelson, a businessman in Mbarara Central Market handcuffed. PHOTO/Barham Akatukunda

Mbarara District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Mbarara police are currently investigating a case involving Tumushabe Nelson, a male adult businessman operating in Mbarara Central Market, who is accused of sodomizing and trafficking a 22-year-old male resident of Kisenyi cell, Kakoba ward in Mbarara City.

The alleged incident took place during the night of 10/10/2023 at 0100 hrs when the suspect, luring the victim with the promise of a job, exploited him. The victim, desperately seeking employment in Mbarara City, had encountered the suspect the previous day (09/10/2023) around 07:30 PM at Mailo two on Masaka Road. The suspect, pretending to be familiar, struck up a conversation with the victim.

During their conversation, the victim confided his job-seeking aspirations, and the suspect assured him of employment. Later that night, at approximately 0100 hrs on 10/10/2023, the suspect took the victim to his residence in the same area.

At that location, the alleged suspect reportedly made threats and engaged in non-consensual anal intercourse (sodomy) with the victim.

The following morning, the suspect treated the victim to breakfast and then accompanied them to Mbarara Central Market, where the suspect was employed.

It was during this time that the suspect informed the victim, who did not possess a national identity card, that finding employment would be challenging. Subsequently, the victim reported the incident to the police.

Samson Kasasira, the spokesperson for the Rwizi region Police, stated that a specialized team conducted a medical examination on the victim, which revealed signs of inflammation consistent with sodomy.

As a result of these findings, the suspect was apprehended.

Further investigation at the scene yielded significant evidence, including 22 containers of personal lubricants, 52 condoms, 19 strips of HIV testing kits, and 2 containers of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).

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