Ministry Of Education Sets Reporting Date for S.1 2024

Minister of Education Janet Kataha Museveni


  • The Ministry of Education and Sports has set the reporting date for Senior One students for Term One, 2024, scheduled for February 19, 2024. School heads have begun the Senior One placement selection process, and the 2023 Primary Leaving Examination results showed improvements in English, Integrated Science, and Mathematics.

The Ministry of Education and Sports has announced the reporting date for Senior One students for Term One, 2024.

In a concise statement issued on February 1, 2024, the Ministry of Education revealed that Term One for S.1 students is scheduled for February 19, 2024, which is two weeks after the official opening of the School Calendar for the year.

Across the nation, on February 1, 2024, school heads have commenced the selection process for Senior One placement at UMA Multipurpose Hall, Lugogo, Kampala.

As per the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), a total of 749,254 candidates from 15,859 centers (schools) registered for the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) in 2023. This marked a decrease from the 832,654 candidates in 2022. Notably, 501,602 candidates (66.9%) from 11,365 centers were beneficiaries of Universal Primary Education (UPE), while 247,652 candidates (33.1%) were non-UPE.

The performance of candidates in English, Integrated Science, and Mathematics exhibited improvement compared to the results of 2022. However, the performance in Social Studies (SST) remained consistent between the two years.

Executive Director Dan Odongo emphasized, “A higher proportion of the 2023 candidates achieved results at Division 3 and above. Overall, the performance of candidates is comparable to that of 2022.”

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