Mufti Mubajje condemns terrorism, calls for togetherness

Mufti Mubajje Addressing Journalists on Sunday. PHOTO/COURTESY

Sheikh Dr. Ramadhan Mubajje, the esteemed Mufti of Uganda, has strongly denounced acts of terrorism that have resulted in the loss of innocent lives. Delivering his opening address at the orientation meeting of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, attended by members of the General Assembly hailing from Tooro, Bunyoro, and Ankole-Kigezi regions, Mufti Mubajje emphasized the importance of unity and diligence within the Council. The meeting took place yesterday at the exquisite Mountains of the Moon Hotel in Fort Portal City.

In his impassioned speech, Mufti Mubajje called for unwavering unity among the members of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, urging them to work tirelessly to serve and be accountable to the Muslim community. He emphasized the need for solidarity and emphasized that it is only through collaborative efforts that the Council can effectively fulfill its responsibilities towards the Muslim population. Mufti Mubajje expressed his firm stance against terrorism, condemning its deplorable actions and the tragic loss of innocent lives it has caused. By denouncing terrorism, Mufti Mubajje reiterated the Council’s commitment to promoting peace, harmony, and security within Uganda.

The orientation meeting served as a platform for members of the General Assembly to gain new knowledge and perspectives, and Mufti Mubajje emphasized the importance of expanding their vocabularies and enhancing their understanding of critical issues. This will enable them to engage more effectively in their roles and responsibilities as representatives of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

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