Nyamiiko C.O.U Head Of Laity Murder Case File Jumps From Bushenyi To Mbarara Regional DPP

In Bushenyi

Nyamiiko COU head of laity murder case file and his son in-law Mr. Alex H/M Kashozi primary school has been transferred to Mbarara regional state Attorney, jumping Bushenyi chief principal state Attorney.

According to credible sources the reason of jumping Bushenyi chief principal state Attorney is that the postmortem report of the murder case file is forged and it tells the opposite of how the murder took place.

A lot of money has exchanged hands at Bushenyi district CID department and is also exchanging hands at the regional DPP office headed by Moses Onen Ochan.

www.mknewslink.com spoke to the DPP Mbarara Mr. Moses Onen Ochan on phone and confirmed that he is not aware why the file jumped Bushenyi chief principal Attorney to Mbarara.

According to DPP’s method of practices a file goes to the district state Attorney to regional DPP thereafter to the final person DPP. So the above is not in order.

According to the Residents of Nyamiiko village Mazinga ward Nyakabirizi division Bushenyi Ishaka municipality, their own John Tinkamanyire AKA Chief alleged murdered his shamba boy known as Danson Mwenebepaaka on 29th April Saturday night.

On the other hand, there is public outcry at Nyamiiko COU and Mazinga ward and the entire Nyakabirizi division that the prime suspects have been left scotch free without arresting them.

Sources from police told www.examiner.co.ug that because the accused is a rich man police is not acting professionally to arrest him and charge him with murder.

The chairman NRM Nyakabirizi division and chairman LC III Nyansio Biryomaisho and the locals of Nyakabirizi division as well as Kakanju sub county residents are up in arms to ensure that the Head of laity and H/M Kashozi primary school are arrested as the law prescribes.

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