Operation Shujaa: One hostage rescued from ADF

Operation Shujaa: One hostage rescued from ADF

In a daring joint operation, the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) and the Congolese army, working in close collaboration, successfully rescued a woman who had been reportedly abducted by the notorious Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants.

The operation, codenamed “Operation Shujja,” unfolded in the rugged and volatile region of North Kivu, where the ADF had established a stronghold notorious for their acts of violence and kidnapping. Under the leadership of the Deputy UPDF Spokesperson, Col. Deo Asiimwe Akiiki, the specialized forces embarked on a mission to liberate the innocent victims from the clutches of the ADF.

With meticulous planning and intelligence gathering, the UPDF and DR Congo army meticulously executed the rescue operation. A team of highly trained commandos and intelligence officers infiltrated the ADF’s hideout, navigating through treacherous terrain and evading enemy patrols. Their primary objective was to locate and extract the captive woman, while neutralizing any threats posed by the militants.

As the operation unfolded, the joint forces confronted intense resistance from heavily armed ADF militants who were determined to keep their captives under their control. A fierce firefight ensued, with both sides exchanging gunfire and engaging in tactical maneuvers. Despite the hostile environment, the UPDF and DR Congo army exhibited exceptional skill, coordination, and bravery, ensuring the safety of the hostages remained their top priority.

The successful operation marked a significant blow to the ADF and their criminal activities in the region. The collaborative efforts of the UPDF and the DR Congo army demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the security and welfare of the innocent people affected by the ADF’s reign of terror.

Col. Deo Asiimwe Akiiki following the operation, commended the bravery and professionalism exhibited by the joint forces. He expressed his gratitude to the Congolese army for their unwavering support and emphasized the importance of cross-border cooperation in the fight against terrorism and criminal activities.

The rescue operation also served as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by the region in combating insurgency and violence. It underscored the need for continued collaboration between neighboring countries, security forces, and international organizations to eradicate the threat posed by extremist groups and to ensure the safety and security of innocent civilians.

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