Severe Flooding in River Sebwe Destroys More Than 60 Acres of Crops

Over sixty acres of crops are said to have been destroyed last night by the flooded River Sebwe in Kabukero II village, Karusandara sub-county in Kasese district.

Speaking to Kasese Guide Radio this afternoon, Mr. Godfrey Monday, the village general secretary said a yet to be computed number of domestic animals had been killed, rice, groundnuts, greens, beans and trees destroyed, leaving over fifty families to wonder what life would mean in future without food and money.

Mr. Godfrey calls for relief aid by government and her development partners or else, the living conditions of the affected people would be at stake in future. 

Ms. Theresa Mbindule, Ms. Aisha Masika, Ms. Salome Muhindo like Ms. Sofia Masika and other affected people told out reporter that they were shocked by the incident, thus, asking government to provide relief aid but also source for a lasting solution. 

Mr. Herizon Muthende, the village youth chairperson called for no delays but for the locals in the disaster prone areas to relocate before it’s too late. 

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