State House Initiative Boosts Buikwe Fishing Communities with Poultry Project

The support, in the form of broiler chicks and feeds, was extended to the beneficiary groups for the poultry project in Buikwe-Ssi-Bukunja, Ngogwe, Kiyindi and Nyenga. PHOTO/VIA X


  • State House and partners provide support to fishing communities in Buikwe District by distributing broiler chicks and feeds as part of a project promoting alternative income sources. The initiative aims to reduce reliance on fishing, preserve Lake Victoria, and uplift livelihoods.

BUIKWE, (Examiner) – On May 16th, 2024, the State House, in collaboration with various partners, announced an extension of support to the fishing communities in Buikwe district. The assistance, comprising broiler chicks and feeds, aims to bolster the poultry project in Buikwe-Ssi-Bukunja, Ngogwe, Kiyindi, and Nyenga.

This initiative is part of the State House’s Strategic Campaign on Alternative Income Generating Activities for Uganda’s Fishing Communities. Launched in July last year, the project intends to uplift the livelihoods of fishing communities across the nation by promoting alternative income streams such as poultry farming, beekeeping, livestock rearing, and commercial crop cultivation. Buikwe served as the pilot district for this initiative, which will later expand to encompass other fishing communities nationwide, given Buikwe’s 52 fish landing sites.

Moreover, the strategic campaign aligns with the goal of curbing illegal fishing practices, thereby contributing to the preservation of Lake Victoria. Spearheaded by the Office of the Private Secretary to the President In-charge of Youth, Agriculture, Innovation, Value Addition, and Export Promotion, in collaboration with the Office of the Principal Agriculture Officer at State House, the project aims to mitigate reliance solely on fishing for sustenance.

During the distribution of broiler chicks and feeds at Ngogwe Sub County headquarters, Buikwe District, Ms. Sylvia Nakiwolo, Assistant Private Secretary to the President overseeing Value Addition and project coordination, emphasized the collaborative efforts between State House, development partners, NGOs, government ministries, and agencies like the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS). She highlighted plans to provide additional support in the form of pigs, cows, fish, and other resources, expressing gratitude to all involved parties for their contributions.

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Furthermore, Ms. Nakiwolo unveiled plans to establish a Women Entrepreneurship Centre, equipped with common user facilities for training women in various skills, including tailoring, baking, and shoemaking. This initiative aims to diversify economic opportunities for fishing communities beyond fishing activities.

In response, local leaders such as Mr. Jimmy Kanaabi, Buikwe LCV Chairperson, lauded the government’s provision of start-up capital to fishing communities, emphasizing its potential to reduce dependence on fishing and alleviate pressure on Lake Victoria. Mr. Kanaabi underscored the importance of alternative income-generating activities in improving livelihoods and conserving the lake ecosystem.

Echoing these sentiments, Mr. Kimera Bernard from State House reaffirmed President Museveni’s commitment to preserving Lake Victoria for the benefit of all Ugandans. He stressed that the campaign aims not to displace communities but to offer them additional sources of income, urging cooperation from Buikwe residents for the project’s success.

Community leaders and beneficiaries alike expressed gratitude for the support, recognizing its potential to uplift households and revitalize local economies. Ms. Hatiba Nali and Ms. Namuswe Rose Lubega, beneficiaries of the poultry project, commended President Museveni and State House for the assistance, expressing optimism for improved livelihoods.

The event also included training sessions on proper broiler chick care, facilitated by project partners such as NAADS, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

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