Uganda: Fake NGO caught trafficking 83 children; 3 suspects nabbed

UPF. SCP Fred Enanga Police Spokesperson


  • In Mayuge District, the police have rescued 83 children from suspected traffickers masquerading as an unregistered NGO called NAMU Mission Uganda.

In Mayuge District, police rescued 83 children from suspected traffickers posing as an unregistered NGO named NAMU Mission Uganda. Found in a house in Wabulungu village, Magamaga town council, the children, aged 5 to 16, were taken from Bugiri, Iganga, Mayuge, and Kamuli Districts.


Fred Enanga, Police Spokesperson, revealed that the operation uncovered a suspected child trafficking ring orchestrated by the ‘fake’ NGO. The rescued children, 40 boys and 43 girls, are under the care of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division with three counselors, receiving medical and psychological support while authorities work to reunite them with their families.

Three suspects, including Justin Namugenyi, 37, the alleged NGO director, were arrested. Investigations aim to uncover motives and potential accomplices. Despite promises of education and better living conditions, the NGO’s unregistered status and suspicious activities raised concerns.

Mayuge District Police Commander, Agnes Aanyu, highlighted the children’s poor conditions and the arrest of Namugenyi, who allegedly secured bursaries under false pretenses. Namugenyi, claiming legal recognition, denies trafficking allegations but faces charges.

Mayuge’s Deputy RDC, Hamis Kiganira, dismissed Namugenyi’s defense, emphasizing efforts to combat child trafficking, particularly in vulnerable sub-counties like Malongo. Coordination with security aims to mitigate trafficking risks, including reports of children trafficked for rebel activities.

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