Ugandan MP’s Military Attire Sparks National Debate


  • The sight of Kitgum Woman MP, Ms Lilian Aber, wearing a full Uganda People’s Defence Force uniform at a public event has triggered a nationwide debate on the legality and propriety of civilians wearing military attire. The UPDF has responded by arresting a soldier for providing the uniform without authorization.

The recent sight of Kitgum Woman MP, Ms Lilian Aber, adorned in a full Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) uniform at a public event has provoked a heated debate on social media. This incident occurred on February 5th as Ms Aber was flagging off a cleaning exercise led by the UPDF in preparation for the Terehe Sita celebrations, a significant event marking the inception of the UPDF.
Controversy Over Civilian Use of Military Attire

The viral images of Ms Aber in military uniform have elicited a whirlwind of questions regarding the legality and propriety of civilians donning military attire in Uganda. This controversy is set against the backdrop of recent apprehensions of opposition supporters for wearing red berets, a garment that the UPDF has asserted to be reserved solely for the armed forces.
The Dilemma of Legal Provisions

The crux of the debate revolves around the circumstances under which civilians are allowed to wear military attire. The law typically forbids such acts to uphold the respect and integrity of the military. Nonetheless, exceptions may be permitted for certain ceremonial or official functions.
An Arrest in Response

In the wake of the controversy stirred by Ms Aber’s attire, the UPDF took action. A soldier was arrested for supplying Aber with the uniform without obtaining necessary approvals, as announced by UPDF spokesperson Brigadier Gen. Felix Kulayigye. The situation has fueled conversations on social media, with users citing Section 164 of the UPDF Act concerning the unauthorized usage of military uniforms.

Ultimately, this incident involving Ms Aber has intensified the discourse over the demarcation between civilian and military roles and the application of military symbols in Uganda. As the nation wrestles with these questions, the integrity of the military institution hangs in the balance, poised between respect for tradition and the fluid boundaries of civilian interaction.

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