Uganda’s NUP Renews Call for the Release of Detained Supporters

The National Unity Platform (NUP), the opposition party in Uganda, has renewed its call for the immediate release of its detained supporters.

As of this writing, it is unclear how many supporters have been detained by the Ugandan government. However, reports indicate that the number may be in over 20. The identities of these detainees have also not been disclosed, but it is believed that many of them are supporters of the NUP party who went missing during the January 2021 general elections.

It is alleged that these individuals were arrested for participating in political rallies and demonstrations organized by the opposition party. These rallies were held to demand electoral reforms and to protest the detention and torture of opposition candidates and supporters.


The current conditions under which these individuals are being held are not known. However, reports suggest that they are being held in detention centers across the country, and some are being denied access to legal representation.

In January, the president of National Economic Empowerment Dialogue party, Joseph Kabuleeta petitioned the High Court in Kampala to release 32 prisoners citing illegal detention at Kitalya.

 NUP secretary-general, David Lewis Rubongoya told the press that they have since petitioned the International Crimes Court -ICC after being frustrated by human rights agencies in Uganda.

His remarks come as Uganda joins the rest of the world today to commemorate the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture under the theme, “Stop torture, rebuild lives of survivors for sustainable development.

The detention of NUP supporters has had a significant impact on the party’s morale and support base. The party’s leader and former Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi, has been vocal in his criticisms of the government’s actions, and has called for an end to the targeting and harassment of members of the opposition.

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The detention of these supporters has also affected their families and loved ones. Many are concerned about their well-being and the conditions under which they are being held.

The NUP party has vowed to continue fighting for the release of its supporters. The party plans to hold peaceful demonstrations and rallies to demand their immediate release.

The party has also called on the Ugandan government to respect the rights of opposition parties and their members, and to ensure that they are allowed to participate in the electoral process without harassment or intimidation.

We call on the Ugandan government to release all NUP supporters who have been detained, and to guarantee their rights to legal representation and a fair trial. Only then can the country move forward towards a truly democratic future.

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