URA Personnel Freed After Being Detained in Kenya During Pursuit of Smugglers

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Personnel Arrested in Kenya Released after Diplomatic Talks

After being arrested in Busia, Kenya, the three enforcement personnel affiliated with the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) have been handed over to Ugandan authorities. The armed soldiers, stationed in Mbale district, reportedly crossed into Kenya while pursuing a truck suspected of transporting smuggled goods.

According to Michael Kibwika, the Busia Resident District Commissioner, the soldiers entered Kenya through a porous border in Buteba sub-county. Locals on the Kenyan side surrounded them upon seeing armed individuals and attempted to attack them. However, the Kenyan police from Adongosi promptly intervened to rescue the soldiers.


Kibwika acknowledged that despite being armed and facing provocation from the Kenyan locals, the soldiers maintained discipline and refrained from harming anyone. Subsequently, Ugandan security officials engaged in discussions with their Kenyan counterparts, which resulted in the release of the detained soldiers.

“Our meeting produced positive outcomes, and our servicemen were unconditionally released to return home and resume their duties,” stated Kibwika. While highlighting that the soldiers had not engaged in any illicit activities during their presence in Kenya, he cautioned armed personnel, particularly those unfamiliar with border regulations, against entering Kenya while carrying weapons, as it violates international laws.

Instances of similar mistakes made by Ugandan security personnel, especially on the Ugandan side in Busia, have been noted by security officials in the past.

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