NDA Arrests Traditional Healer Rashid Lukwago Amid Drug Misuse and False Claims

On August 24, 2023, Asharaf Rashid Lukwago, a traditional herbalist, found himself in the custody of the National Drug Authority (NDA) due to allegations of drug misuse, false treatment claims, and operating in unsanitary conditions.

According to Abiaz Rwamwiri, the spokesperson for the NDA, this arrest came after a week of extensive intelligence gathering and collaboration with the police concerning Lukwago’s purported medical treatments.

“Lukwago was apprehended at his clinic nestled in the shrubs of Kampala, following a week-long investigation. Upon entering his premises, our team uncovered a concerning practice where he was blending both herbal and synthetic drugs, including Viagra, claiming it enhanced sexual potency when used,” Rwamwiri told our reporter.

Rwamwiri went on to reveal that Lukwago was found in possession of antibiotic mixtures that he alleged could purify the blood of HIV/AIDS patients, raising further concerns about his practices.

Furthermore, it was noted that the herbalist’s workspace was far from hygienic, reflecting an environment that did not meet the necessary standards for safe and sanitary medical practices.

Rwamwiri emphasized that investigations into this matter are still ongoing. Lukwago, who faces accusations of drug misuse and making unsubstantiated claims regarding his treatments, is expected to be presented before the court in the near future, as the legal process unfolds.

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