New Hoima LC5 Chairman Faces Threats for Demanding Accountability of Government Funds

Hoima District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Uthuman Mubarak Mugisha, the newly elected Chairman of Hoima District, has disclosed that he is facing threats from unidentified individuals, urging him to halt his oversight of certain government projects. Mugisha’s revelation has raised concerns about potential irregularities in project implementation, prompting him to request a comprehensive audit by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit and the Office of the Auditor General.

In his first official session addressing the Hoima District Council since taking office, Mugisha expressed his determination to ensure that government funds allocated for regional projects are utilized transparently and efficiently. He emphasized the need for accountability, stating, “There have been several irregularities, especially in terms of funds designated for government projects. I don’t want to inherit problems. I want to leave a legacy of good governance.”

Mugisha’s call for a government funds audit in Hoima reflects his commitment to transparency and accountability, focusing on the responsible use of taxpayers’ money.

During the same council session, Mugisha faced opposition when attempting to appoint key members of his executive team. His choice for Vice Chairman, John Kwemala, was rejected due to allegations of inciting a physical altercation in a previous council meeting, where he was accused of assaulting former Vice Chairman Chiche Benson. James Mulindambula, a Councilor for Kigorobya, also faced rejection as the Secretary for Production due to past actions, including the loss of a district motorcycle during his tenure as a Social Service Chairman in 2017 and allegations of arranging the hire of road equipment to a private individual in a neighboring district without council approval.

These developments set the stage for a challenging tenure for Mugisha as he endeavors to promote transparency and accountability in Hoima District. Officials from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit and the Office of the Auditor General are expected to initiate investigations soon, shedding light on the management of government funds and projects in the region.

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Busiinge Aggrey
Busiinge Aggrey
Business Aggrey" is a 23-year-old Ugandan journalist and Editor-in-Chief at The Black Examiner newspaper