NRM Leader Promotes Acceptance of Defectors

Hon. Sowedi Kitanywa. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kasese, Uganda | The Black Examiner – Honorable Sowedi Kitanywa, esteemed Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) for Busongora County North in the picturesque Kasese district, has vehemently expressed his views concerning a particular segment of opposition members who seem intent on fostering animosity towards individuals who choose to switch their allegiance to the NRM party.

In an era characterized by the intricate dynamics of multi-party politics, the personal decision to either remain steadfast within a certain political entity or to embark on a new journey with a different party is far from being a predetermined outcome.

During a candid telephone conversation held this very afternoon, the erudite Kitanywa underscored a point of paramount importance—that the political landscape within Kasese district is being affected by a wave of dismay. This perturbation is triggered by the recent resolution taken by Mr. Joseph Kinyambila, a respected mobilizer affiliated with the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in the Bwesumbu Sub-County, who has chosen to cross over into the folds of the NRM party.


In a separate and exclusive dialogue, the determined Mr. Joseph Kinyambila firmly affirmed that he shall remain unwavering and unyielding in the face of any attempts to intimidate him concerning his resolute decision to align himself with the NRM party. He eloquently described his two decades of involvement in the opposition, particularly his engagement with the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), as a series of uphill battles that ultimately ended in defeat.

The honorable Sowedi Kitanywa, with a sagacious tone, extended his earnest call to not only Mr. Joseph Kinyambila but also to all others who may share similar inclinations. He exhorted them to ardently propagate and popularize the values, principles, and merits of the NRM party. In this spirit, he aims to foster unity and collaboration, transcending the boundaries of partisan affiliations, to contribute to the collective progress and growth of the political landscape in Kasese district.

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