NUP Fury Unleashed as Alien Skin’s Outlandish Request Sparks Online Uproar

Photo collage of Sitya Dancer Singer, Alien Skin & Bobi Wine. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kamapala, Uganda | The Black Examiner – Fervent supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) have erupted in fury over Alien Skin’s audacious bid for a collaboration with none other than President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The provocative artist has sent shockwaves through social media channels after unveiling his request, accompanied by a slew of demands including a bulletproof vehicle and the coveted Special Forces Command (SFC) uniform.

The controversial message, disseminated through a daring TikTok video, has rapidly proliferated across various online platforms, setting off a fiery storm of fan reactions ranging from vehement insults to introspective contemplation.

Alien Skin, a known protégé of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly recognized as Bobi Wine, has deep roots within the NUP movement. Having been brought up by the acclaimed Ghetto Kids, he was once considered a sympathetic voice for the struggles of the marginalized masses.

However, Alien Skin’s apparent departure from his earlier alignment with NUP has sent shockwaves throughout the movement. When questioned about his decision to not engage with Bobi Wine, colloquially referred to as the “Ghetto President,” the artist’s response was nothing short of a gauntlet thrown in defiance: “More than one lion cannot coexist in a single den.” This brazen proclamation has ruffled many feathers among NUP supporters, igniting heated debates over the allegiances of influential figures.

In the virtual realm, reactions have been swift and impassioned. A vocal NUP supporter who goes by the Twitter handle Acholi Gal exclaimed, “Alien Skin, your rise to fame was intricately tied to Bobi Wine’s ideals. By now, belittling and ridiculing our president, you’ve undoubtedly hit a sour note. It seems you’ve pressed the wrong button.”

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Nabireba Zubail, another active voice within the NUP community, expressed disappointment in Alien Skin’s perceived abandonment of the movement’s principles. “Your recent actions could well lead to your downfall. You once declared unwavering loyalty to Bobi Wine, but your current trajectory is unsettling. I was a staunch supporter, but alas, you’ve lost your appeal.”

Adding fuel to the fiery discourse, social media entity Libaax Ltd lambasted the artist with raw emotion, suggesting a financial motive behind Alien Skin’s shift. “Your decline into foolishness seemingly began when you received funds from Frank Mwesigye. The time has come to settle your debts, however small they may be.”

Nevertheless, Alien Skin appears to revel in the brewing storm he has stirred. He daringly crowned himself the “Ghetto President,” a title previously synonymous with Bobi Wine, much to the chagrin of his detractors. Seemingly unperturbed by the relentless tirade of insults, he audaciously proclaimed, “I now stand as Uganda’s official Ghetto President. I extend my gratitude to all Ugandans who continue to embrace me.”

As Alien Skin’s audacious gambit continues to elicit impassioned responses and fervent debates, the NUP movement finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the departure of an erstwhile ally who now stands defiantly on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum. Only time will reveal the true ramifications of this explosive saga, as both sides brace for the untold chapters that lie ahead.


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