NWSC Kisoro to Extend Nkanka Water Supply to Nyakagezi Cell Amid Shortage

Ariho Peter, Manager National Water & Sewerage Cooperation Kisoro. PHOTO/ENOCK NDYAMUHAKYI

Kisoro District | The Black Examiner – The Kisoro branch of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is set to address the water shortage in Nyakagezi cell, located in the Northern Ward of Rukundo town council. The area Manager, Ariho Peter, confirmed this initiative.

Despite Nyakagezi cell being the source of Nkanka waters that supply other parts of the district, it has been plagued by a chronic water shortage throughout the year.

In 2021, during the commissioning of the Nkanka project, the President pledged to provide locals with a public tap stand as a token of appreciation for supporting a government project, even though they were not the initial beneficiaries.

However, progress on this pledge had not been realized in the area, prompting the Kisoro Resident District Commissioner, Hajji Shafiq Ssekandi, to write to NWSC Kisoro in February of this year, urging the area manager to fulfill the promise.

Ariho Peter, the Manager of NWSC Kisoro, revealed that the procurement of water pipes for supplying water to Nyakagezi cell has been completed. Construction is expected to commence next week and is projected to take three weeks.

Ariho explained that due to a significant debt exceeding 650 million shillings, NWSC Kisoro lacks the capacity to undertake further water extensions in the district.

He also highlighted the increased demand for water during the dry spell, leading to low pressures in certain areas. To mitigate this challenge, a water booster at Bukara in Bunagana town council has been integrated into a prepaid electricity system, enhancing water supply to various regions.

Furthermore, Ariho disclosed that water is now pumped to all areas under the national water system daily, unlike in the past when water distribution followed a phased approach.

He urged water users to use taps sparingly to prevent interfering with water pressure for others.

James Nwagayimana, the LC1 Chairman of Nyakagezi cell, commended the government and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for addressing the concerns of the community. He expressed relief that the locals would no longer have to journey uphill in search of water.


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