Opposition MPs advice IGG to defy Museven’s directive of exonerating army from wealth declaration

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The opposition in Parliament has asked the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to desist from implementing President Museveni’s directive of allowing Army officials to declare their wealth through CIM.

A week ago IG Betty Kamya while releasing annual reports for the three consecutive years from January-June 2022, July-December 2022, and January-June 2023 said that Museveni wrote to her guiding that Army officials should be exonerated from declaring their wealth publically due to security concerns.

Kamya revealed that her office is considering creating a separate portal for CIM through which UPDF soldiers will declare their wealth.

However, the Shadow Minister for Information and Anti-Corruption also Mityana district woman MP, Joyce Bagala backed by other opposition MPs, threatened to sue the IGG, Director CIM, and Museveni once the directive is implemented.

The MPs also requested the IGG Kamya to publish a list of corrupt public officials who have confessed and willingly returned money stolen.

According to the report by the IGG, 7.8bn was recovered and 43 culprits were convicted out of the 92 prosecutions concluded.

The MPs are also demanding the publication of Public leaders who refused to declare their wealth after the IGG revealed that only 26,541 out of 32,000 leaders declared their wealth in the annual reports under review.


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