Over 600 Motorcyclists Arrested in Two Weeks Over Helmets

A total of 675 motorcyclists have been arrested in less than two weeks for not wearing crash helmets.

Police have said many motorcycle riders do not bother wearing crash helmets even when they have them.

Micheal Kananura, the Traffic Police Spokesperson, explains that despite several warnings, many bodaboda riders have not bothered to own crash helmets and driving licenses.

Kananura said police have intensified operations mostly at junctions to arrest motorcyclists who are not wearing crash helmets, or riding without valid licenses including those who have deliberately not acquired reflector jackets.

The traffic police report for 2022 shows 1,404 motorcyclists perished in road crashes which translate to almost four deaths per day.

The majority of these deaths have been attributed to reckless riding, and not wearing crash helmets.

Siraje Mutyaba, one of the boda-boda riders’ leaders in Kampala had earlier said they will not intervene when police arrest any of their colleagues for not wearing crash helmets because it is something they have told them for a long time.

Other than 675 motorcyclists arrested for not wearing crash helmets, Kananura explains that 996 were apprehended for not having riding licenses, and 96 did not have reflector jackets.

Police have said even motor vehicle drivers driving under the influence of alcohol have not been spared as 72 were arrested at the weekend.

At least 2,081 riders have been each issued with express penalty tickets of 40,000 Shillings totaling 83.3 million Shillings.

Each of the 72 drunk drivers was issued with an express penalty ticket of 200,000 shillings totaling 14.4 million Shillings.

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