PDM SACCO Leaders Dismissed Over Alleged Corruption

Kwania District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Geoffrey Alex Ogwal Adyebo, the LCV chairman of Kwania district, has taken action in response to corruption allegations. Kizito Ocen, the chairperson of Banya PDM SACCO, and the general secretary, Jimmy Okori, have been ordered to step down.

During the 2022/2023 financial year, Banya parish in Inomo Sub-county, like other parishes in Kwania district, received Shs 107 million under the Parish Development Model [PDM] to support income-generating activities for disadvantaged households. However, allegations have surfaced that Okori and his wife Lucy Apio received Shs 2 million illegally, while SACCO chairperson Ocen diverted Shs 1 million to his personal bank account, in violation of PDM guidelines. Ocen is further accused of unscrupulously enlisting his two wives and two fictitious beneficiaries, Gloria Angida and Jimmy Linjo, into Banya PDM SACCO.

In a recent meeting with PDM beneficiaries in Banya and Agwiciri parishes, Ogwal directed the immediate replacement of Ocen with his vice chairperson, Eunice Acen, to facilitate a thorough investigation.

In a related development, Agwici PDM SACCO chairperson, Dick Ocen, was replaced by Denis Abongo, the chairman of Agwiciri Parish Development Committee [PDC]. This change came after it was discovered that Ocen had unlawfully disbursed Shs 2 million to his herdsman, Bonny Ojuka, and the daughter of SACCO treasurer, Lillian Awino.

Local leaders and beneficiaries welcomed these actions, anticipating increased transparency and more effective PDM implementation in the area. Caroline Kule, the Inomo Sub-county LCIII chairperson, urged PDM beneficiaries in Banya and Agwiciri to select capable and incorruptible leaders for the successful advancement of the PDM.

The Parish Development Model is a government initiative launched to transition a significant portion of Ugandan households from subsistence to a money economy. Each parish in the country is slated to receive Shs 100 million annually to support chosen beneficiaries in endeavors such as coffee cultivation, piggery, and livestock farming.


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