President Museveni to Preside Over Umukuuka III’s Inauguration

Jude Mike Mudoma in Kenya and Kenyan Bagisu in a group photo.

Mbale, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Bamasaaba, also known as Bagisu, are gearing up for the official inauguration of their cultural leader, Umukuuka III, scheduled for October 14, 2023. This event is poised to become a cornerstone for fostering unity and development within their community.

Kuka Mike Mudoma, the elected leader, was chosen by the 26 Clan heads of Inzu Ya Masaaba, commonly referred to as the House of Masaaba. He is set to succeed the late His Highness Sir Bob Mushikori.

The ceremony will be graced by the presence of President Museveni.

Organizers have expressed their intention to utilize this occasion, which will take place at the Mutoto cultural site in Mbale, to promote the Imbalu, a significant cultural rite involving circumcision. They view this tradition as a valuable tourism avenue with the potential to create employment and generate income. Imbalu is already a major event, attracting a substantial number of attendees every two years, and the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has taken the initiative to further promote this cultural activity.

Joseph Mauso, one of the event organizers, emphasized that their primary objective is to unite the Bagisu communities in both Kenya and Uganda to foster development, not engage in political matters.

“We believe our people prosper when they focus on development,” he stated.

Mauso anticipates an explosive gathering in Mbale, expecting attendees from various regions of the country and even from across East Africa, particularly from Kenya, where a significant number of Bagisu reside. It’s estimated that there are approximately seven million Bagisu people living in both Uganda and Kenya.

In preparation for this grand event, the Bamasaaba recently held a fundraising dinner in Kenya. During this event, they successfully raised more than Shs10 million after meetings with local governors and the election of Mr. Philip as the chairman of the culture chapter in Bungoma County, Kenya.

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