Prince Omar’s Rejection: Grace Khan’s Tears Spill on Air

Heartbroken singer, Grace Khan, found herself in tears during a live television interview on Friday morning, August 4th, as she addressed the regrettable comments she made about her on-again, off-again lover, Umar Mukose, known as Prince Omar.

The couple’s roller-coaster relationship had been filled with ups and downs, but they seemed to have reconciled in late July, following Omar’s acknowledgment of paternity for their daughter. During that time, they openly expressed their affection for each other, sharing kisses and making promises of a blissful future together. However, the relationship hit a roadblock when Prince Omar’s parents rejected the idea of Grace Khan becoming their daughter-in-law.

Upon learning about the rejection, Grace Khan was deeply upset and vented her frustration to a friend. Unfortunately, the so-called friend betrayed her trust by leaking the audio, which caused Grace considerable distress.


In the leaked audio, Grace Khan made some harsh remarks about Prince Omar, describing him as “evil” and claiming he exhibited unusual behavior, including teeth grinding at night. She also revealed his struggle with addiction, having been admitted to rehab multiple times before their reconciliation.

During the interview, Grace Khan tearfully expressed her embarrassment over the leaked audio and offered a heartfelt apology to Prince Omar. She acknowledged that her outbursts were inappropriate but explained that she had merely confided in what she thought was a trustworthy friend.

This was not the first time Grace Khan had publicly expressed her emotions in response to Prince Omar’s actions. When he initially denied being responsible for her pregnancy, she lashed out at him, even declaring that their daughter deserved a better father. However, upon the birth of their baby girl, llona Grannah, at Rubaga Hospital in Kampala, Prince Omar came forward and took responsibility after DNA tests were conducted.

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The recent incident raises questions about the future of their on-again, off-again relationship, and whether the hurtful comments made by Grace Khan may have dealt a fatal blow to their already tumultuous affair.

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