Promote Positive Relations with Qataris, Ambassador Walusimbi Tells the Ugandan Community in Qatar

Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi, Ambassador Kezaala Muhammad and UGACOQ leaders during the consultative meeting. Photo by SPA/DA Press Unit.

In a meeting with the Ugandan Community in Qatar (UGACOQ), the Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, H.E. Ambassador Hajji Abbey Walusimbi, applauded the Mission staff for representing Uganda’s interests in Qatar. He appreciated the UGACOQ, for being united and well organized, adding that groups make it easier for government to work on challenges facing Ugandan migrant workers.

Responding to the concerns raised, Walusimbi assured that H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni minds about the rights and dignity of his ‘Bazzukulu’, abroad. He added that the President has instructed the formation of different Diaspora desks in most government institutions, departments and agencies.

He implored members to abide by rules, laws and guidelines put in place by relevant authorities in Qatar, adding that this will promote positive relations with Qataris.


The Deputy Ambassador of Uganda Embassy in Qatar, H.E. Kezaala Muhammad, welcomed and thanked Ambassador Walusimbi and his team, for finding time to meet with the Ugandan Community in Qatar.

Ambassador Kezaala revealed that there are initiatives by the Embassy to support community members on financial matters, creating small ventures, and providing para-legal support.

Kezaala added that the Embassy has an outreach program, intending to recruit more staff, who will aid in speeding up document attestation, registration of members, and issuing of relevant papers.

He also acknowledged that UGACOQ had requested for a desk at the Embassy, to offer para-legal services, adding that the concern is being handled.

Chairperson of the Ugandan Community in Qatar (UGACOQ), Mr. Aliguma Saul Rayan, emphasized the importance of addressing various issues affecting the members.

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He called for the need to support new arrivals in Qatar, by providing assistance and guidance, including practical advice, sharing information about resources, and offering a sense of belonging.

Mr. Aliguma said there is need to set up support networks for vulnerable community members, to cater for social, health, and financial needs.

He rallied community members to work hand in hand, to implement the discussed initiatives, and improve the general welfare of Ugandans in Qatar.

Specifically, UGACOQ leaders urged members to unite and dialogue, in order to implement the strategies and benefit from the Embassy’s support.


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