Pupils Uncover a Suspicious Device Combining Phone and Switch

Kampala, Uganda | The Black Examiner – The Police Bomb Squad, in conjunction with the Kampala Metropolitan East Region, has launched a probing investigation into a perplexing incident that unfolded at Murchison Bay Primary School on August 2nd, 2023. A baffling discovery of a suspicious phone device, intricately linked to a switch mechanism, has sent shockwaves through the educational establishment, leaving both authorities and parents deeply concerned.

The disconcerting episode unfolded at approximately 2:00 PM when vigilant students noticed wisps of smoke emanating from a school bag. Swift to respond, the concerned pupils wasted no time in alerting their teachers to the eerie spectacle. An immediate bag inspection revealed a phone battery ingeniously connected to a switch, prompting an immediate call for police intervention.

Trained bomb specialists, undoubtedly the unsung heroes of this tale, successfully neutralized the enigmatic device, confirming that the potential threat level to the school remained minimal. However, the incident has thrust an essential issue into the spotlight, calling for a broader discourse on school safety and preparedness.


The audacity of a suspicious phone device, albeit of limited risk, penetrating the very heart of an educational institution, serves as an urgent wake-up call for administrators, staff, and students alike. The need for comprehensive training and heightened vigilance cannot be overstated. It is imperative that all stakeholders within the educational sphere commit to conducting thorough and regular searches of students and their belongings, safeguarding the sanctity of the learning environment from any potential disruptions.

Experts underscore the alarming ease with which the blueprints for homemade explosive devices can be accessed on the internet, elevating the specter of bomb threats and sinister devices within school premises, recreational areas, and even vehicular transport.

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