Queen Elizabeth Park Attack: Uganda Yet to Release Autopsy Results for Slain Foreign Tourists

Celia Barlow, left, and David Barlow were murdered in Uganda. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Ugandan government has announced that it is withholding the autopsy report for the two foreign tourists who were tragically killed in Queen Elizabeth National Park. They have opted to delay the release until they receive input from foreign forensic experts.

Providing an update on the situation, police spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that the bodies of the South African and British tourists have been transferred from the location of the incident in Kasese to Mulago National Referral Hospital. Enanga elaborated, “The bodies remain at Mulago National Referral Hospital, awaiting the arrival of forensic teams from the UK and South Africa. These foreign experts will collaborate with our own team of pathological experts, CID, and intelligence teams to thoroughly review the circumstances, evidence collected, and forensic analysis of the samples gathered at the scene.”

Enanga added that following the arrival of the South African and British forensic experts, a comprehensive autopsy will be conducted. Subsequently, an official report regarding the deaths will be released and presented to the British and South African High Commission in Uganda.

Last week, suspected ADF rebels shot and killed two foreign tourists and their Ugandan driver in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The attackers also set the victims’ vehicle on fire. Notably, the two foreign tourists were on their honeymoon in Uganda.

In a separate development, the police spokesperson disclosed that the body of the Ugandan driver, Eric Alyai, has been returned to his relatives for burial. This followed a thorough examination and the release of a postmortem report.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the assailants responsible for the deaths of the two foreign tourists and their driver in Queen Elizabeth National Park numbered five. After committing the crime, they reportedly moved towards the Bwera-Kikorongo area.

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Mimi Nina Lakhani
Mimi Nina Lakhani
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