RDC Bushenyi Warns Improper Use of Govt Funds

Bushenyi District | The Black Examiner – The RDC Bushenyi Robert Atuhairwe has warned the government institutions to put into proper use government money as it’s allocated so that it can be resourceful of its intended purpose.

He said there has been misappropriation of funds from the central government as it is lost in corruption, shoddy work and misallocation which he said as the RDC Bushenyi, he won’t bend low to however would be implicated.

Atuhairwe said this while commissioning a 0.37KM road of Bassajjabalaba- Bwegiragye road in Ishaka division under the Auspice of JATT services limited that will cost a whooping 338 million shillings to its completion.

Ishaka Divisional LC3 chairperson Deus Mukyenga acknowledged the poor state of Bwegiragye road in the past which he said had curtailed service delivery with most affected being business and university students who would find it difficult to navigate through the road.

Bushenyi Ishaka municipality Mayor Richard Byaruhanga, said the 0.37km road will be tarmacked with the funds from the 1 billion shillings from central government incentive to districts and urban authorities.

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