Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna Encourages Christians to Invest Wisely for Family Nourishment

The bishop of the diocese of Kigezi, Rev Gaddie Akanjuna. PHOTO/ENOCK NDYAMUHAKYI (THE BLACK EXAMINER)

Kabale, Uganda | The Black Examiner – The bishop of the diocese of Kigezi, Reverend Gaddie Akanjuna, has exhorted the faithful congregants of Bunyonyi parish to wield their annual savings with discernment, amplifying their impact on family prosperity.

Bishop Akanjuna’s impassioned appeal resounded during a solemn confirmation ceremony, where 165 individuals were formally inducted into the Anglican faith. The sacred occasion unfolded within the hallowed confines of St. Emanuel Bunyonyi Church of Uganda Parish, nestled within the esteemed precincts of St. Peter’s Cathedral Denary in Kitumba sub-county, Kabale district.

Drawing attention to a prudent fiscal ethos, Bishop Akanjuna underscored that channeling annual savings into ventures like piggery, goat rearing, rabbit husbandry, and various other fruitful initiatives would significantly fortify family finances. Cautioning against frittering resources away on ephemeral indulgences such as extravagant clothing and lavish feasts, the bishop eloquently advocated for strategic investments that could reverberate across generations.


In a poignant discourse to the newly confirmed adherents, the bishop implored them to uphold the sanctity of their bodies, aligning their actions with divine precepts. Addressing the critical importance of adherence to God’s commands, Bishop Akanjuna ardently called upon the comfirmants to eschew behaviors contrary to the Creator’s will. His words resonated as he unequivocally entreated them to distance themselves from practices such as homosexuality and fornication, casting these transgressions as impediments to the pursuit of everlasting life.

Beyond the spiritual realm, Bishop Akanjuna extended his gaze towards the practical realities of daily life, imploring the congregation to embrace governmental initiatives aimed at nurturing family development and augmenting household incomes. His call for harmonizing faith with socio-economic progress underscored the bishop’s comprehensive vision for the holistic well-being of the community.

Addressing a cornerstone of society, the bishop extended a heartfelt counsel to parents, urging them to invest time and effort in their children’s academic journeys. With sagacity, he highlighted the imperative of meaningful dialogues that inspire educational pursuits, encouraging parents to kindle the flame of learning in their offspring’s hearts.

The resounding message from Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna echoed through the vaulted arches of St. Peter’s Cathedral Denary, igniting not only spiritual contemplation but also a renewed commitment to responsible stewardship, moral conduct, and steadfast familial devotion.




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