Rwenshama Community Acts to Prevent Flooding in Queen Elizabeth Park

Community creates diversion for R. Nchwera water flow in Queen Elizabeth Park, Rwenshama, Rukungiri District on 13/08/2023. PHOTO/ADONIA BETONDA

Rukungiri District | The Black Examiner – In a proactive move aimed at mitigating the recurrent issue of flooding that has plagued the Rwenshama community for several years, today residents have united to redirect the flow of River Ncwera within Queen Elizabeth National Park. The community’s efforts focused on restoring the river to its original course, thereby averting the flooding that has brought disruption to their lives.


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Leading this collective endeavor was Chairperson LC II Mr. Niwagaba Kenneth, who successfully rallied community members to join forces in this significant undertaking. The strategy involves meticulously planned channeling of the river, a solution that promises long-term relief from the detrimental effects of flooding. Under this scheme, every household was expected to contribute UGX 10,000 to support the channeling efforts.

During an address to the community, Mr. Niwagaba conveyed that Tinyinekabi Isaac, also known as “omunyabutumbi,” was entrusted with spearheading the channeling team. This appointment reflects the community’s determination to resolve the flooding issue collaboratively and effectively.

Remarkably, the Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA) extended its support to the Rwenshama community’s initiative. UWA granted permission for community members to access the national park and committed to offering guidance regarding encounters with wild animals. This collaborative stance between the community and UWA underscores the dedication to safeguarding both the environment and the people affected by flooding.

However, despite these commendable grassroots efforts and collaborations, there appears to be a perceived lack of assistance from the government in addressing the challenges faced by the Rwenshama community. Speaker Bwambara SC conveyed the sentiment shared by some, as he remarked, “Arineitwe Amuzan,” alluding to the absence of substantive governmental support.

The community’s endeavor not only served as a testament to their resilience but also highlighted the potential impact of localized initiatives in addressing environmental concerns. As they worked diligently to reroute River Ncwera, the Rwenshama community exemplifies the power of grassroots action in striving for a safer and more sustainable future.


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