S.4 Student Drowns in Busia Septic Tank

Busia District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Yesterday, residents of Mugungu “B” Cell, Mugungu Ward in Busia Municipality were stunned by a tragic incident. A teenage girl, Annet Ageke lost her life when she accidentally fell into an open septic tank while en route to a toilet within the same vicinity. According to Mugungu LC2 Chairperson Mr. Salongo Bernard Makhokha, the girl had been working as a casual laborer for an unidentified resident in the area.

Local residents alerted the police and made efforts to rescue the girl from the tank, but sadly, she had already passed away. The deceased, aged 19, had recently completed her S.4 education. Her parents, unable to support her further studies, led her to seek employment as a casual laborer in the same neighborhood.

The police have not yet issued a statement on the matter, but the girl’s body was transported to Busia Health Centre IV for a postmortem examination as investigations into the incident are ongoing.


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