Safe Boda Acquires Insurance Policy for Passengers and Riders

Safe Boda has introduced a new insurance policy to cater for both passengers and motorists.

The policy will cover medical expenses, hospitalisation benefits, personal accident coverage and welfare of the insured individuals incase of accidents or injuries.

Christian Wamambe, the Vice President for payments , financial and driver well being at Safe Boda noted that the policy has already been in practice for the riders.

So far , 22 claims have been received, which have so far cost the policy 6 million shillings.

With this 6 million spent , medical bills have been settled together with driver’s daily expenses to a tune if 100,000 shillings paid during that period daily for five days.

Until today upon officiating however , passengers claims had not been registered.

Sadat Juko, a beneficiary among 21 others attested to this saying that after he got an accident that fractured his leg a month ago, Safe Boda officials came through. He was advised to undertake treatment and keep his record of expenditure upon which the company based to reimburse the money to him from the insurance policy.

“Bangamba nsabe edwaaliro receipt zoona, wewayitawo weeks bbiri nebansasula,” Juuko reported.

Of recent , the government has taken serious concern over the rate of traffic accidents mostly caused by boda Boda .Since June according to statistics, over 37000 boda Boda clashes have been registered. Each year, over 1000 deaths occur as a result of boda Boda clashes .

Godwin Arinaitwe, the traffic police commander of Kampala Metropolitan noted that this intervention is timely .

He said that a number of individuals caught up in these clashes are low income earning which places a heavy burden on them for medical bills.

The insurance policy is a partnership between Safe Boda and Liberty Insurance Company which is funded by Stanbic Bank The insurance is tagged to every safe Boda trip taken from orders.

Every safe Boda user is insured the moment they order for a trip and incase of any accident, the user is covered to 2.5 million shillings. Riders however have a monthly subscription of 6000 shillings deducted from daily commission.

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