Soroti Police Clash with Angry Mob After Alleged Murder by Partner

3D rendering of Crime Scene Tape Barrier on Black Background.

Soroti District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Soroti Police engaged in intense clashes involving tear gas on the afternoon of October 23, 2023, as they confronted an angry mob hurling stones. The mob was determined to take matters into their own hands, targeting a man known as Ramathan Ochen, also known as Raga, following a tragic incident.

The enraged crowd consisted of neighbors of the late Sauda Amedo, who was allegedly killed during the night by her partner, Raga. According to a close neighbor, the unfortunate incident occurred after a dispute between Sauda Amedo, a local waragi brewer in Kichinjaji ward, and her partner, Ramathan Ochen, AKA Raga, of which the exact cause remains undisclosed.

On October 22, Sauda Amedo was reportedly absent from her home, and she contacted her neighbor to inquire about the whereabouts of her partner. The neighbor informed her that he was not present, explaining that the door was locked, and it seemed he had left.

The neighbor further narrated, “She called me and asked me whether the man was there, I said no. The door is locked and he has left. So she asked me to find a way of opening the door that she wants to come and change clothes. So I told her, there is no way. Now at around 1 am to 2 am in the morning, I heard the door open, I thought they were the ones who were returning home and opening the door,” all while overcome with emotion.

The neighbor continued, stating that in the morning, she attempted to contact Amedo for water but received no response. Worried, she knocked on the door, yet still, no response came. Leaving for work in town, she assumed Amedo was still asleep, only to later receive the tragic news that Sauda had been discovered lifeless in her house.

Peter Olaki, the deceased’s brother, revealed that he received a call about his sister’s death while he was in Arua. Initially, he couldn’t believe it and thought it was a false report. After arriving at the scene with local council members and relatives, they confirmed the tragic reality.

It was alleged that the suspect, Raga, had a reputation as a habitual thief and had been in a relationship with Sauda for approximately three months. As of the time of the report, Sauda Amedo’s body had been transported to Nakatunya mortuary for a postmortem examination.

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