Spice Diana and Manager Roger’s Covert Relationship Exposed

Recent rumors circulating on social media have unveiled a hidden romantic connection between manager Roger Lubega and his artiste, Spice Diana. These rumors have been circulating for years, but they gained credibility with the release of an audio clip on social media by an unknown source.

In the leaked audio, manager Roger expressed his deep affection for Spice Diana, conveying how much he missed her. Spice Diana reciprocated these feelings, admitting she also missed him and eagerly looked forward to their reunion.

Despite the revelation in the audio, the truth is that Spice Diana and Manager Roger are indeed in a romantic relationship. However, they have deliberately kept their love affair away from the public eye and social media.

It’s important to note that Roger is a married man with children, while Spice Diana remains unmarried. In interviews with the media, she has acknowledged being in a relationship but has chosen to keep the details private. She has emphasized that her partner is content with maintaining a low profile, which brings him comfort.

Spice Diana has consistently denied any romantic involvement with her manager, despite the leaked audio revealing a different narrative. This clandestine relationship marks the first time that the public has become aware of any of her romantic entanglements.

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