Spice Diana’s Manager Love Audio Leaked

In the midst of the ongoing verbal conflict between Roger Lubega and Geosteady, a romantic WhatsApp exchange between Spice Diana and her manager has been published.

Roger Lubega was attacked by Geosteady yesterday on his social media pages for having a cold heart.

The Blackman Records vocalist followed a long list of other musicians who, in recent months, have assaulted the unassuming talent manager, including King Saha, Gravity Omutujju, and Ziza Bafana.

In a lengthy essay, manager Roger defended himself, claiming that the musicians were simply being unappreciative because he had only been kind to them and supported them through difficult times.

The same people Roger Lubega has helped repeatedly drag his name through the mud, and he doesn’t seem to see why.

Roger continued by calling Geosteady out, claiming that because he skipped his extra gig in Buwama and Roger’s artist Spice Diana had to step in, Spice Diana awoke to online criticism.

Geosteady responded by making a post of his own in which he called manager Roger a hypocrite and a jerk.

It didn’t take long for Spice Diana and her manager to allegedly exchange a romantic WhatsApp audio, which was then shared with the world.

In the audio clip shared by Galaxy TV, Roger can be heard lamenting the loss of Spice and referencing his “Panadol,”

The singer responds, “I’m coming, my baby,” as he continues to complain about how bored he is and begs her to hurry back home. Be at ease; I’m here.

Although the origin of the audio leak has not yet been determined, critics are confident that Roger and Spice Diana may be heard in the tape.

Both parties have previously denied having a romantic relationship and emphasized that they are only friends and coworkers who respect and uphold professional values with one another.

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