State House Denies Approval of Copper Disposal in Kirembe Mine

Kasese District | The Black Examiner – The State House has officially disavowed any authorization for the disposal of copper at Kirembe Mine. A letter supposedly issued by Dr. Kenneth Omona, the Principal Private Secretary to the President of Uganda, granting permission to Team Investment Limited to dispose of over 40,000 metric tons of copper cathodes from Kilembe Mines Limited, has been declared as a forgery. The Presidential Press Unit (PPU) has pointed out that the forged letter contains numerous spelling errors.

In a letter dated December 7, 2022, titled “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO DISPOSE OF 40,000 METALLIC TONNES OF COPPER CATHODES FROM KILEMBE MINES LIMITED,” the supposed author acknowledges receiving a letter from Team Investment Limited, dated November 15, 2022, expressing their interest in disposing of 40,000 copper cathodes from Kilembe.

The President has instructed the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, along with the Attorney General, to investigate this matter and collaborate with Team Investment Limited to ensure a proper and legitimate process is followed,” as indicated in parts of the letter.

The statement further clarifies that the government will be responsible for overseeing the collection of all revenues generated from the disposal process, but all of this information is reported to be falsified.



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