Teachers Avoid Classes due to Fear of Arrest Over Loans

Nebbi District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Numerous primary school teachers are avoiding afternoon classes due to concerns about potential arrests related to their failure to repay loans obtained from various financial institutions. These teachers, who took out multiple loans from money lenders, microfinance institutions, Savings and Credits Cooperative Societies (SACCOS), and commercial banks, have struggled to meet their loan obligations.

Cosmic Wumula, a teacher, highlights the aggravating factor of numerous financial institutions in the district, which entice teachers with high-interest rates, worsening their financial predicament.

Consolate Among, a teacher at Nebbi Town Secondary School, attributes this problem to the prevailing economic hardships and the increasing cost of living in the country.

Head teachers report that affected teachers now prefer to teach early morning classes and leave the school premises before loan officers arrive.

Lauretta Orochi, the vice chairperson of Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) Nebbi Main Branch, links this troubling trend to the government’s failure to prioritize teacher welfare. She points out that teachers are forced to take out multiple loans to provide for their families’ basic necessities due to their meager salaries.

Raymond Ocokuru, a human resource officer in the district, advises civil servants, including teachers, to borrow loans within their financial capacity. He cautions against using loans for non-essential expenses like weddings and traditional marriage ceremonies.

Nebbi District, established in 1980, is home to 137 primary schools and 17 secondary schools, served by a total of 1,600 teachers, as per records from the education department.


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