Ten Machete-Wielding Men Attack Village Over Land Dispute

A police detective (left) carries a matchete believed to have been seized from suspected assailants who attacked Nabusugwe Village in Mukono District on October 8, 2023.

Mukono District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Ten machete-wielding men attacked Nabusugwe Village, Goma Division, Mukono Municipality, Mukono District today, aiming to resolve a long-standing land dispute between two locals, Ms. Margret Nakintu and Dora Kyasiimire. The conflict revolves around property boundaries.

On the morning of October 8th, their hostility escalated. Ms. Nakintu claims that Ms. Kyasiimire allegedly hired around ten individuals, armed with machetes and spades, to assault her. She narrowly escaped a spade swung at her as she was about to enter the bathroom.

Ms. Nakintu sought help from Jinja Misindye Police Post initially, but it was the UPDF soldiers at Jomayi Police Post who eventually provided assistance, albeit with a delayed response. Ms. Josephine Namukwaya had her phone destroyed while recording the incident, and Ms. Irene Nanyombi reported being slapped and kicked. Ms. Rosette Nanvuma, Ms. Nakintu’s daughter, was beaten with a large stick.

Ms. Nakintu contacted the police at around 9 am, but they arrived much later, around 1 pm. Frustrated by the delay, she contemplated seeking help from the police or UPDF.

A police officer, who preferred not to be named due to media restrictions, disputed her account but confirmed they responded to reports of machete-wielding individuals involved in a land dispute.

Ms. Rosette Nanvuma accused Ms. Kyasiimire of attempting unauthorized construction, despite having valid agreements suggesting otherwise. She appealed to the Mukono land office to intervene, as previous efforts to seek help from other authorities proved unsuccessful.

Ms. Kyasiimire, who runs a hardware business in the area, declined to comment to Monitor reporters as she was escorted to Jinja Misindye Police Station. Initially, there were suspicions that some assailants were hiding in her hardware shop, which the police later forced open.

Allegedly, the attackers fled on motorcycles before the police arrived, and Ms. Kyasiimire was taken to Jinja Misindye Police Station amidst gunshots fired in the air to disperse agitated residents.”


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