Transporters Hike Fares Following Closure of Hoima-Kampala Road

The closure of the Hoima-Kampala highway, resulting from the flooding of the River Kafu, has prompted an increase in transport fares for motorists traveling along this route. As the entire bridge became submerged due to the river overflowing its banks on Monday evening, transporters originally operating on the Kampala-Hoima route were redirected to the Hoima-Masindi road. Consequently, transporters have raised their fares.

Previously, the journey from Hoima to Kampala cost 20,000 Shillings. However, Ham Mugisa, the Chairperson of the Management of Hoima Taxi/Bus Park, explained that, due to the altered route, fares have been adjusted to 25,000 Shillings. This increase is intended to compensate for the extra kilometers traveled by transporters following the closure of the Hoima-Kampala Road.

The alternative route through Masindi to reach Kampala covers approximately 200 kilometers, adding an extra 70 kilometers for direct travelers. Mugisa requested passengers to be patient, as it is a situation beyond their control, and assured that the hike in transport fares is temporary. He also warned drivers not to overcharge passengers beyond the agreed-upon transport fares of 25,000 Shillings.

Travelers have expressed their difficulties in affording the current transport fares, with some considering postponing their trips to Kampala until the water level on the Kafu bridge recedes. Joseph Serunkuma, a driver on the Hoima-Kampala route, explained that the fare increase was a response to the extended journey and the additional kilometers covered. To manage the increasing traffic and prevent further disruptions, police have been deployed on both sides of the river, as reported by Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson.

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